Why AGORA for a blog on social communication?

Why AGORA for a blog on social communication?

In the ancient Greece, the Agora or main square was a political, civic, religious and commercial center. This public open space formed the heart of ancient Greek cities and the center of social interaction for ceremony and democratic life on a pedestrian scale. Its public nature made it an accessible forum for participation and discussion of politics or everyday life. The heart of the community bustling with ideas, opinions, arguments where everybody could say his/ her word, influence, interact ... What would be the AGORA of the 21st century? Probably, the internet. A virtually open space with no roof on top. A scenario fomenting participation. An arena for with trivial or trascendental debates. A forum to influence and be influenced. A social point to meet, know, talk. A market to buy goods or make business. An easily accesible space. So why calling Agora a blog on social communication? Because social communication works as an Agora and has many characteristics in common. Social communication differs form jounalism, PR, advertising, media relations, entertainment, education, persuasion and yet it includes them all. Social communication aims to create a space for participation, debate, information exchange, influence just as the Agora did in the 7th cent. BC or the Internet is doing in the 21st cent. When doing social communication the Agora should be considered as a model.  

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